I have created some free guided meditations to aid relaxation and sleep.

I believe in the importance of flow in both giving and receiving as it’s through this circulation of energy that we can truly seek balance.

A five minute ‘Loving-kindness’, guided meditation to develop a deeper sense of goodwill, kindness and warmth towards ourselves and others. Bringing your awareness to love, compassion, connection and relaxation through kindness.
Once you are ready, press play and allow yourself a moment of calm…

Gratitude is a powerful guiding emotion, which can help us to manage our thoughts, connecting both our mind and body.
When we are grateful, we have more optimism, happiness, and life satisfaction. We are more open to kindness for ourselves and others as we develop a deeper understanding of compassion and non-judgement.
This short guided meditation deepens our appreciation of the flow of gratitude and kindness, bringing our awareness into the present moment.
Once you are ready, press play and allow yourself a moment to be mindFULLY you…

There are days when we feel out of sorts and unrooted, there are times when we feel like we’re just living in our own head. We all have times like that, it’s perfectly natural.

Mindfully taking cues from nature is an important part of the practice of Mindfulness and using the example of trees as a mindful cue provides us with a consistent reminder of change.
The way in which they continue to evolve throughout the seasons, standing tall and rooted in the earth, blossoming, shedding, nurturing, vulnerable, strong….. it’s all reflective of our own emotions and connections.

Forgiveness is such a huge subject and is such a massive part of how we experience our lives and in my opinion is the ultimate act of kindness. Being able to open our heart, even when we feel hurt and bruised, shows much courage and strength, which leads to greater peace, calm and happiness.

This is a guided meditation is just under 10 minutes and can help to allow self-forgiveness to flow, helping us to feel calmer, lighter and more open to kindness and compassion than ever.

GRATITUDE is a bridge that can help us to shift from a stressed or anxious mindset to an abundant one.
In truth, life contains both good and bad, yet the most difficult of days can be lit with hope and joy when adopting mindful gratitude.

This is an invitation for you to be fully with yourself….to nourish your own health and wellbeing by gently gathering your inner resources for healing and strength. Our culture normally considers wisdom to arise from thinking, but this body scan offers you the opportunity to reconnect with your body, tuning into the natural intelligence of your whole being.

The body scan meditation isn’t simply about relaxation. The aim is to be aware of the different regions of your body, and allow yourself to experience how each part feels, without trying to change anything. Just being with what is there. It’s a little different than a regular guided meditation and each time your experience may vary and that’s perfectly OK.

Many people like to do the body scan lying down on their back, but you can use any posture you like.
What’s important is to cultivate an attitude of curiosity, self-kindness, gratitude and acceptance, whatever your experience, to be present to whatever is unfolding for you, exactly as it is.