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Professional Coaching Sessions

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I am passionate about personal development and wellbeing and work closely with people to achieve their personal and professional aspirations, by facilitating the time and space for them to think differently, identify their strengths and break through any blocks or barriers. 

Our professional and personal lives are so closely interlinked and facilitating space for individuals to develop in all areas of their lives is extremely beneficial for their wellbeing and their ability to perform.

Coaching Client Testimonials

I feel like a different person than went I started the coaching sessions. I feel stronger than I have in years, much more confident in my role with peers and with my team. I have been able to make some life changing decisions which have helped my work/life balance. I really would like to keep working with Carmela in the future.
HR Manager
Carmela’s warm nature makes me feel very comfortable when speaking to her and I don’t feel embarrassed talking to her about the worries my mind focuses on. Carmela facilitates thinking in a way that helps me to see different perspectives and push myself further.
Marketing Manager
When I first started working with Carmela, I wasn’t sure what to expect! Prioritising myself is an alien concept – I’ve never been particularly good at taking a step back to really consider the impact of day to day life on my health but now that I’ve started using some of Carmela’s strategies, I’m really trying to make it part of my daily routine.
Recruitment Manager
I have found the sessions extremely beneficial, Extremely productive and a comfortable environment. I have had a couple of different coaches before and Carmela made great use of coaching tools and visuals to help me to think differently, which was really helpful. Yet what made Carmela stand out for me was her warm and compassionate nature. Listening is a strength of Carmela’s and is the main criteria that has set her apart from other coaches that I have worked with. She shows such understanding and empathy. At the end of the sessions, I have set clear goals and Carmela has really grasped the complexities of my role and the subject matter I have raised.
Head of Customer Experience
We started the sessions during a relatively stressful period and Carmela took time to listen, read between the lines and offer coping mechanisms she felt would suit me alongside some reading material so that I could really understand what she was trying to help me achieve. Carmela was available on the phone at short notice in between sessions when I needed extra support and remains totally judgement-free about our varied discussion points – even the bits that in retrospect were pretty insignificant but felt so huge at the time!
Training and Development Manager
I still have a lot to learn and I’m constantly having to remind myself to put into practice the techniques I’ve been shown but the regular sessions with Carmela have been hugely beneficial in taking stock of both my personal and professional life in a more mindful way and having a much healthier approach to tackling stressful situations. I’d definitely recommend working with Carmela. It’s so helpful to have her help in gaining a different perspective and although some of it does feel a bit unnatural at first, the more you practice, the easier it becomes!
Operations Manager