Free Guided Meditation: Body Scan

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Playtime 18 mins

Find a place where you feel warm and secure, free from interruptions and distractions if possible.

This is an invitation for you to be fully with yourself….to nourish your own health and wellbeing by gently gathering your inner resources for healing and strength.

Our culture normally considers wisdom to arise from thinking, but this body scan offers you the opportunity to reconnect with your body, tuning into the natural intelligence of your whole being.

Many people like to do the body scan lying down on their back, but you can use any posture you like. On a bed, chair, sofa or mat on the floor.

What’s important is to cultivate an attitude of curiosity, self-kindness, gratitude and acceptance, whatever your experience, to be present to whatever is unfolding for you, exactly as it is.

      Body Scan -

Body Scan Meditation

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