Free Guided Meditation: Self Forgiveness

Forgiveness is such a huge subject and is such a massive part of how we experience our lives and in my opinion is the ultimate act of kindness. Being able to open our heart, even when we feel hurt and bruised, shows much courage and strength, which leads to greater peace, calm and happiness.

It can help us to be mindful of any thoughts that begin with:

i should / shouldn’t have…….

why did/ didn’t i……..?

if only i had / hadn’t ……..

These can cause feelings of guilt, shame and remorse and rather than beat ourselves up, we can begin to acknowledge the lesson to be learnt and move forward.

This is a guided meditation which is just under 10 minutes and can help to allow self-forgiveness to flow, helping us to feel calmer, lighter and more open to kindness and compassion than ever.

      Self Forgiveness -

Self Forgiveness Medidation

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