Restore balance

In Standard by Carmela Knutton

“We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we have to go through it” (We’re Going On a Bear Hunt)

As I read this line in my little one’s book it reminded me of the times that clients and friends have said that they wish they were better at Mindfulness, that they had time like I seem to, or mentioned how calm and happy I always am, which is really bloody lovely, but I’m afraid it’s not the whole truth!

We’re all human and we all experience the whole spectrum of emotions.

Since losing my mum I have struggled with anxiety and grief. Huge waves that challenge me and sometimes floor me, which can last an evening, a day, or happen on and off over the course of a few weeks.

Being a Mindfulness coach doesn’t make my life perfect. It doesn’t mean I’m immune to my own stresses and imperfections.

I believe life is a journey we travel together. Happiness, Peace, Mindfulness they’re not a destination that we arrive at, it’s a constant practice through the ups and downs.

Thankfully the waves that come are no longer drowning me and I have a little toolkit that helps me to surf.

One of my biggest barriers at times like that is my own RESISTANCE.

When I refuse to accept how I feel and refuse to accept the situation as it is, the resistance kicks in. I try to jump over it, I try to dodge under it, but when I accept it for what it is and work through it, I begin to come out the other side.

I wanted to share the little Mindfulness practice, a trinity that helps me through the resistance and helps me to restore balance:

Be present – helps me to connect with myself, others and the world around me, rather than withdraw, which I could so easily do

Be kind – to myself and others as this compassion brings me light and connects me with my heart, when I could easily shut that out

Be grateful – This very simple daily practice makes a huge difference. It stops me throwing myself a pity party with lots of cake and reminds me I’m not in this alone. It refocuses my energy on the aspects of my life which I want to savour and notice and feel. Even the tiny gifts that would otherwise pass me by unnoticed

If you’d like to try one of Carmela’s guided meditations, they can be found in the ‘freebies’ section.